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We cover all aspects of gas boiler maintenance, repair, replacement and servicing in Durham and Newcastle. 

Gas Boiler Repair Durham

Are you having issues on your gas boiler and need someone to repair it? Or are you looking for someone who can conduct a complete boiler service including maintenance or even replacement? Encompass Gas & Property Services Ltd can help you.

As part of our company’s mission to assist and provide quality services to all our customers, we offer boiler services in Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne and areas in the North East including:

  • Gas Boiler Repairs
  • Gas Boiler Maintenance
  • Gas Boiler Replacement

And with regards to general central heating systems, we offer services such as:

  • Central heating repairs
  • Central heating installation

Local Boiler Service Engineers

Our boiler service engineers in Durham are experts in the field and have lots of experience and training. It will not be a problem what type gas boiler system you have installed or wish to be installed in your property. Encompass Gas & Property Services Ltd will be able to help you.

Even though there are a lot of local businesses in Durham that offers gas boiler servicing, we have become one of the top-rated boiler service specialist in Durham area because of the high level of accountability we provide to our customers. This accountability is something many of our competitors in the industry lacks.

Having a gas boiler in your home is not just a DIY job that can be done on your own. Instead, it requires professionals to maintain, to repair and to replace it. This is where we, your boiler repair specialist in Durham comes in. Encompass Gas’s heating engineers in Durham will make sure that your boiler system will work smoothly and properly especially in the winter season.

Boiler Breakdowns & Servicing

Most households have a domestic heating system installed in them. Though these heating systems have one function, they are entirely different in age and appearance. However, no matter how reliable or what age the heating is, there can always be errors that may cause breakdowns.

There are various reasons why a boiler will malfunction or breakdown, and that’s the last thing anyone would want to wish for, especially during cold winter days. As the winter months are approaching, this is the time of the year we most value what a boiler could offer us. On the other hand, during summer or the months after winter, it’s also the time where we don’t always use our boiler. So it’s crucial to have a boiler maintenance service during that time.

You may not always need an expert in keeping your boiler in excellent shape. But, for instances such as breakdowns, you should always consult gas boiler service Durham before doing maintenance yourself.

What's Boiler Service? Who can Service Boiler?

A boiler service is the same as boiler maintenance, and a professional plumber or an engineer conducts it. The primary thing they’ll do is to inspect your boiler for any potential issues or problems. Once they’re done checking it, they’ll start servicing the parts that need servicing. Basically, servicing or maintaining your boiler prevents further issues that could result in a major breakdown.

Sometimes, most boiler maintenance is worth nothing as it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. But, to make sure your boiler is working fine, you’ll need to schedule maintenance at least once every year. This is the best way for you to make sure that your boiler works efficiently and effectively with a minimal chance of having a major breakdown.

Generally, you can hire a boiler specialist or a plumber to do the maintenance of your boiler. But, one thing you need to make is that they’re Gas Safe registered, especially if you have a gas-powered system. Hiring an engineer who’s not qualified to do the service is a major risk and illegal. So if you’re unsure, you can ask for an engineer’s Gas Safe Card, which will identify if the engineer is qualified to carry out the gas boiler repair Durham or maintenance job. Also, make sure that their qualifications are up-to-date.

Why Choose Us?

Encompass Gas and Property Services have experts that can help do boiler services and maintenance. These experts are trained and well-educated when it comes to any boiler issues you have in your home. With our quality service, we make sure that even the most significant issue will be taken care of. Gas boiler service Durham has never been this easy compared to before.

Additionally, we use advanced technology in doing boiler maintenance. This is to make sure that all current potential issues will be provided with long-lasting and cost-effective solutions. At Encompass Gas and Property Services, we don’t just do boiler services. We also handle complicated plumbing issues. Well, there’s no need for you to look further as we will be able to provide you with boiler and plumbing services.

At Encompass Gas and Property Services, we do services throughout Durham and areas around Newcastle. Additionally, we handle boiler and plumbing maintenance, gas safety certificates, boiler repair, boiler installation, and other plumbing services.

Common Causes of Boiler Breakdowns

Modern boilers are usually built to last, but just like other equipment or appliances in our home, they’re not perfect and sometimes can go wrong or malfunction. So homeowners need to know the symptoms of boiler breakdowns to prevent further damage and complication from happening. These symptoms include:

Water heating doesn't function

The boiler locks out frequently

Can't adjust boiler's pressure

The boiler has leakage

The boiler is louder than usual

The boiler is switching off on its own

The boiler is making unnecessary noises

Frequent top-up to boiler's pressure

The boiler's pressure is too high

If you experience some of these symptoms, it will help if you schedule a service maintenance check to avoid further complications. Once you’ve identified the symptoms, you should also know what causes them.

Lack of Regular Maintenance

Like a car or any equipment, regular services for a boiler are also essential if you want it to last longer and maximize its lifespan. A brand new boiler would initially last around 10 to 15 years. But, this depends on the brand, model, parts, and other essential factors. So, each time you don’t repair what needs to be repaired, or you just don’t do any scheduled maintenance, the lifespan of the boiler significantly decreases, and the chance of having a boiler breakdown increases. It would help to know that it could cost you more when you have a boiler breakdown and would end up replacing it.

Just think of it. You wouldn’t have to schedule a service every month or weekly. Single service maintenance that’s scheduled annually would be fine. This way, you can keep your boiler in great shape and prevent breakdowns from happening. A boiler that’s in excellent condition would give you peace of mind.


One of the most typical boiler leak reasons is an issue with the internal component. These issues may have something to do with the heat exchanger, pressure valve, and pump seal.

image of Heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger

A corrosion build-up around your boiler’s heat exchanger may also cause leaks. Though this issue is unusual, this is one of the worst issues you’d want to get. Well, you don’t want this to happen to your boiler, as this type of problem typically leads to a boiler replacement.

image of Heating Valves

Pressure Valve

An issue with your pressure valve can cause a spike in your boiler’s pressure that sometimes can lead to leakage.

image of pump seal

Pump Seal

A small or straightforward wear and tear of your boiler’s pump seal will immediately lead to leakage. The good thing is, you can just replace a pump seal.

Inaccurate Thermostats

One of the most common reasons for boiler breakdowns is due to faulty thermostats. If your boiler has problems producing heat for your home, especially in the water, then there could be something wrong with the thermostat. The thermostat is one of the most sensitive parts of the boiler, and one wrong move could mean losing accuracy.

This type of problem should be handled by a professional or a boiler engineer. Sometimes, it may require you to buy a new thermostat that’s more energy-efficient.

Encompass Gas and Property Services LTD can help you prevent these types of problems to your boiler. With our professional engineers, we can assess your boiler’s issues and provide you with the right solutions. We cater to areas around Durham throughout Newcastle and the North East. Additionally, all our experts are Gas Safe Registered for your convenience. Let us help you with your boiler issues. If you need more information, please send us an email through or contact us at 0191 371 1166.

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