Gas Safety Certificates Durham

Our gas safety certificates are competitively priced, and we conduct them for individual landlords but also large lettings agencies also. 

Gas Safety Certificates CP12

A little-known fact about Encompass is that CP12 Gas safety certificates are actually the reason that the company was born. This is because the Director of the company has experience in managing a Lettings Agency.

In order to conduct the CP12 gas certificate, the lettings agency was using sub-contractors for these and all of their other gas work. However, what was discovered is that the contractors would eventually become unreliable and start letting the clients down, probably chasing the bigger jobs that would earn more. 

After using four or five contractors with the same outcome, our Director decided that it was time to do something bold so that a client would never be let down by a sub-contractor again. As such, the Director decided to set up a brand new gas company that was purely geared toward exceptional client care. Being our company, we control the appointments, and we guarantee that we take the little jobs just as seriously as the larger jobs.

Our landlord gas safety certificates are competitively priced, and we conduct them for individual landlords but also large lettings agencies also. One of the benefits of having your CP12 gas certificate performed by Encompass is that we keep a record of when it is due, and contact you the next year to ask if you would like us to re-organise it.

LETTING AGENTS: Please contact us for prices as we are happy to assist you!

How Can We Help You?

If you are a landlord, you may need to get a Gas Safety Certificate CP12 for each gas appliance in your rental property. This could be required by law. Each certificate might need to be renewed annually. If you do not have them, you could face a possible fine and the gas appliances may not be safe for tenants to use.

However, with Encompass Gas & Property Services Ltd we can take care of your Gas Safety Certificates every year, and you have no need to worry about it on an annual basis.

Our engineers are certified by Gas Safe and issue CP12 gas certificates. You can confirm our engineer’s certification by searching it on the Gas Safe Register website. They will also have a registration card from Gas Safe which you can ask to see. The back of the card will list the areas of gas work they are qualified to do.

If you are a tenant, your landlord must give you a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate CP12 within 28 days. Landlords are legally required to keep their copy of this form for at least 2 years in case it needs to be checked later.

100% Guaranteed

The price of a gas safety certificate will depend on the location and how many appliances need to be checked. However, you can be assured that our CP12 gas safety certificate service is competitively priced.

It is highly recommended that you get all of your gas appliances checked and serviced every year by our Gas Safe registered engineer. Be sure to ask our Gas Engineers for any documents which show that you’ve had a gas safety check or any other work done.

The CP12 gas certificate cannot be issued until a Gas Safe registered engineer has carried out a thorough inspection. Appliances that use gas need good ventilation so the gas can burn properly. All appliances should be safety checked for gas leaks and the proper functioning of safety devices. The flue or chimney must be clear so that fumes can leave the building safely. If any faults are found, the appliance is unsafe to use. Ultimately, we make sure your gas appliances are safe and working correctly giving you and the people who live in the property, full piece of mind.

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